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Named Clothing Inari Dress & Crop Tee Pattern


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The Inari dress and crop tee are easy, loose-fitting wardrobe staples. The dress features crisp, turned-up T-shirt sleeves, and its neckline is finished with a facing. The side seams of the dress curve slightly towards the front and emphasize the beautiful, uneven hem and the side slits. The cropped tee has casual long sleeves and a sporty neckband. You can also mix and match elements, such as the sleeve length and neckline finish, from one variation to the other!

Use a medium or heavy weight knit fabric with approximately 30 to 50% stretch. For example sweatshirting, ponte, tracksuit fabric, or similar. The samples are made of sweatshirting and tracksuit fabric.

Sizes: EUR 32 – 56 (US 0 – 24 / UK 4 – 28)

Materials & Supplies:

     Tee: Stay tape, 30 cm (12”)
     Dress: Fusible knit interfacing, 35 cm (3/8 yd)

Note that for patterned or napped fabrics the fabric requirement may be higher.

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