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WEB ONLY - Friday Pattern Co Adrianna Dress Paper Pattern

The Adrianna Dress is an easy-to-sew dress that makes a big impact! This is a pull on, a-line shift dress that features large statement sleeves brought in at the shoulders and wrists with elastic. The neckline is high in the front and slightly dropped in the back. This dress can be sewn up in a day and worn on the dance floor all night!

Designed for wovens, and can be made from a wide variety of fabrics, such as silk, rayon, linen, or lightweight cotton.


    45” wide fabric // 3.33 yards (3 metres)
    54 - 60” wide fabric // 2.25 yards (2 metres)


    45” wide fabric // 3.8 yards (3.5 metres)
    54” wide fabric // 2.88 yards (2.6 metres)
    60” wide fabric // 2.33 yards (2.1 metres)


    45” wide fabric // 4.13 yards (3.8 metres)
    54” wide fabric // 3.88 yards (3.5 metres)
    60” wide fabric // 3.13 yards (2.9 metres)


    1 1/2 yards (1.4 metres) of ½” wide elastic. Use bra strap elastic if possible. It is stronger and more durable than standard elastic. If you can’t get your hands on bra strap elastic, standard elastic will suffice!
    Matching thread
    Safety pin

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