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Valo Dress & Top Paper Pattern - Sizes 0-24

#valodress #valotop

Skill level:Intermediate

Sizes:EUR 32-56 | US 0-24 | UK 4-28

Recommended fabrics: Choose a non-stretch, medium weight fabric. You can opt for a low drape fabric, like the linen blend in our samples, or a more drapey one, depending on the desired result. We recommend choosing a contrast color for the yoke, or using the wrong side of your fabric for contrast or cutting it cross-grain, if your fabric allows.

Materials & supplies:

  • Interfacing, 40 cm(½ yd)
  • Dress: 4 cm(1 5/8”) ribbon for cord casing, 165 cm (2 yd)
  • Dress: 3 cm(1 1/8”)elastic, your waist circumference
  • Top:2cm(3/4)ribbon for cord casing, 165 cm (2 yd)
  • Top: ribbon or cord for drawstring, your waist measurement + 70 cm (3/4 yd)
  • Top:cord ends, 2 pcs

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