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Style Arc Mila Dress Pattern - Sizes 4-16 or 18-30

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PLEASE NOTE! This pattern comes in two different size ranges, Australian sizes 4-16 and 18-30. Please consult the measurement charts to determine which range is best for you. Size numbers refer to Australian sizes.

Use your creativity to make this dress your own. The flattering bodice seam allows you to color block or use different textures to suit your individual style. This is a simple pull-on dress with a slight cocoon shape that is so simple to make but will look amazing once done.

Fabric Estimate for complete dress made in one fabric - 148 cm (58 in) wide:
     Sizes 4-12: 140 cm (1.5 yd)
     Sizes 14-20: 160 cm (1.75 yd)
     Sizes 22-30: 250 cm (2.75 yd)

Fabric Estimate for skirt only - 148 cm (58 in) wide:
     Sizes 4-18: 90 cm (1 yd)
     Sizes 20-30: 140 cm (1.5 yd)

Fabric Estimate for bodice only - 148 cm (58 in) wide:
     Sizes 4-18: 115 cm (1.25 yd)
     Sizes 20-30: 130 cm (1.42 yd)

Fusible Interfacing - 90 cm (36 in) wide:
     All Sizes: 15 cm (6 in)

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