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Style Arc Ethel Designer Pant Pattern - Sizes 4-16 or 18-30

Size Range:

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PLEASE NOTE! This pattern comes in two different size ranges, Australian sizes 4-16 and 18-30. Please consult the measurement charts to determine which range is best for you. Size numbers refer to Australian sizes.

As well as being a designer pant, this is most comfortable pant you will ever wear! The tucked elastic waist and dropped crotch along with the slight balloon shaped leg gives this designer pant an edgy look.
The leg narrows off at the cropped hemline therefore can be worn rolled up if preferred.

Fabric Suggestion: Linen, crepe, silk, fine wool.

Fabric Estimate - width 110 cm (44 in):
     Sizes 4-10: 190 cm (2.10 yd)
     Sizes 12-24: 225 cm (2.5 yd)
     Sizes 26-30: 350 cm (3.8 yd)

Fabric Estimate - width 142 cm (56 in):
     Sizes 4-10: 160 cm (1.75 yd)
     Sizes 12-24: 200 cm (2.2 yd)
     Sizes 26-30: 200 cm (2.2 yd)

Waistband Elastic (allow 2cm or ¾” for seam allowance), approximate depending on size:
     22 1/2" - 49 1/2"

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