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Liberty Fabrics Bella Tea Dress


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The Bella Tea Dress by Liberty of London has neckline variations and zip closures, with option for pockets.

Sizes: UK 14-22 (US 10-18)
Suggested fabric: Cotton, Silk, Linen
Batting: A, B - 45” (115cm) - 1 yd. (1.0m)
Lining: A, B - 45” (115cm) - 1/2 yd. (0.5m)
Supplies required: A, B: One 12” (30cm) Zip, Eight Snaps, 1/2 yd. (0.5m) of 1/2” (1.3cm) Single Fold Bias Tape, 3 yds. (2.8m) of Seam Binding, 1 yd. (1.0m) of Double Fold Bias Tape. A: 2 3/4 yds. (2.6m) of 1 1/2” (3.8cm) Lace or Eyelet Trim. B: One 1/2” (13mm) Button, sew-in interfacing.

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